Net meetings

We arrange net meetings with various experts within SKAGEN on a regular basis. Send in your questions ahead of the meeting.

You will find an archive of previous netmeetings in the right hand column. The most recent netmeetings are shown below:

What will happen next?

What is the situation in the EU and Greece? How might this latest crisis end? SKAGEN's macro expert Torgeir Høien answered your questions in a netmeeting. (2-11-2011)

The portfolio managers answer

The turmoil in Greece has subsided, but the unrest in the stock exchange world is far from over. How do SKAGEN's portfolio managers deal with the turbulence? Read the answers given at the netmeeting. (25-5-2010)

Ask the portfolio managers

2009 was a good year for SKAGEN's unitholders, but what will 2010 be like? The portfolio managers will be available to answer your questions on Monday 15 February - send in your questions now. (9-2-2010)

The portfolio managers answered

The positive signals from the real economy have given rise to renewed optimism, but how long will it last? Investment Director Kristian Falnes and the other portfolio managers answered your questions on Thursday 27 August. (16-12-2009)